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  • Script language : PowerShell
  • No need to modify ps1 file, all settings are in input xml file
  • All Supported version of SharePoint (2010, 2013 and 2016)
  • Automatic Installation in Task Scheduler
  • Multi-Threading for better performance
  • Output-Cache for Publishing Sites
  • Works with FBA if Windows authentication is enabled on the same web application
  • Use Internet Explorer to download JS, CSS and Pictures files
  • All site collection (HSNC include) for all web applications are included in warm-up
  • Central Administration can be include or exclude with xml input file
  • Add or/and remove urls from warm-up with xml input file
  • Configure automatically prerequisites :
    • Disable IE ESC,
    • Disable LoopBackCheck : Secure or Less Secure
    • Add Web application Urls in HOSTS file,
    • Add Web Application Urls in Internet Options Security,
    • Add User Account in User Policy for Each Web Application,
    • Clear Cache Internet Explorer.
  • Email notifications : SMTP settings are in xml input file
  • Logging:
    • Log script results in log file,
    • Cleaning log files after 30 days (can be set with xml input file).

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