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Step by Step Guide

1. Download

2. Unzip and copy the files on each Web Front-End

3. Modify input xml file for Configuration

Dont't forget to change Service Account for Automatic Installation

<!-- This section helps to install this script in a new Sheduled Task -->
<Install Enable="true">
  <!-- Service Account Used for running the Scheduled Task -->
  <!-- Disables network loopback checks. This prevents the OS blocking access to your server under names other than its actual host name -->
  <!-- Add URL of Web Application in HOSTS system file -->
  <!-- Add URL of Web Application in Intranet security zone -->
  <!-- Disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration for administrators -->
  <!-- Include Central Administration Url in WarmUp -->
  <!-- Use internet explorer for WarmUp -->
  <!-- This section helps to configure the retention of log files -->
  <CleanLogs Enable="true">  
  <!-- Number of Days for keeping Logs Files -->

4. Modify input xml file for Custom Urls and Exclude Urls

<!--- This CustomUrls section add urls to be warming up. -->
    <CustomUrl>[ADD URL HERE]</CustomUrl>
<!--- This ExcludeUrls section remove site collection urls to be warming up.-->
    <ExcludeUrl>[ADD URL HERE]</ExcludeUrl>

5. Add automatically Task Scheduler item with program PowerShell.exe :

Run PowerShell with Administrator Role
Navigate to the script folder and run this command : .\SPSWakeUP.ps1 .\SPSWakeUP.xml

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